Advanced File and Storage Systems (Summer 2020)


本課程將深入介紹檔案系統與儲存系統之作用原理,課程主軸將涵蓋 1. 輸出/輸入設備 2. 磁碟陣列與資料可靠性 3. 檔案系統基礎與設計原理 4. 分散式檔案系統 5. 新興儲存裝置 與 6. 鍵值儲存系統。修習本課程之學生將須要具備下列基礎知識,包含作業系統、C 語言以及基礎 Linux 指令。本課程將採英文授課,提供學生將英語與專業知識結合的練習機會。

This course will detail the working principles and design philosophy of file and storage systems and with prime focus on (1) I/O Devices, (2) RAID and Data Integrity, (3) File system Basics and Designs, (4) Distributed File System, (5) Emerging Storage Devices, (6) Key Value Stores. Please be noted that the knowledge of Operating System, C language, and the use of basic Linux command are required before taking this course. Also, this course will be taught in English and please considered this course as a good chance for you to perfect your English skills.


Lecture Time and PlaceTBD
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Course Instructor / Office HoursDr. Shuo-Han Chen / requested by email
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